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I just wanted to thank you again for putting your book in that gift exchange. I read it within a week, and just loved it. It was easy to read, well-written, and thought-provoking. It took me a full week to read because I had to put it down - too many parallels between what I had gone through raising five ADHD children and your struggles with your children. I realize those are very different conditions, but the societal response was in so many ways the same. It can be so isolating to raise children that are different.


Your ideas for taking care of yourself while helping your children are remarkable. I really love the acronym "HALT" and will definitely use it.


I am so grateful that I have the chance to know and work with you! You are a remarkable woman.


Thank you!

Beckie Hales

I had a very informative phone conversation with Ann recently. We spoke

at length about both of our DM families and some of the many issues we

all face. I encourage anyone dealing with this disease to reach out to

Ann. She has a wealth of practical information from both a wife's and

mom's perspective. Ann is very articulate and easy to converse with.

Thank you Ann for your time and I look forward to speaking with again. J



It was helpful to share with you. We do need some assistance or respite from this pattern the DM has on our son. You do make it clear, the effects of DM. That can make it more tolerable! Sharing with you was very helpful. I shared it with my husband. Thank you.

Dee McGuire

I'm so glad I got to read your book - it's both empowered and gutted me. Your words, experiences and thoughts hit so very close to home. I'm still holding all of it and it's reframing how I go forwards and care for my people. My mom read it also and it helped her understand my daughter and husband.  

Guess who is my daughter’s Dr at Stanford - Dr. Jacinda Sampson ! That was neat to read her introduction to your book.   

Thank you again for writing your words and putting your experience out there so others won't feel so alone. 

Kind Regards, 

Selena Herrin


Surviving Myotonic Dystrophy 

A Mother's Struggle to Care for her Family with a Rare Disease is not only extremely informative, it shows the human side of this disease.


Ann's book has been incredibly helpful for me and I refer to it often.  


Everyone who cares for a loved one needs to read this book, not only to educate themselves but to also know that they are not alone.


Highly recommended 



Thank you Ann for writing this


Kind regards


Jackie Peeler

Elimbah, QLD Australia 

Dear Ann Woodbury,

I do not write fan mail, but I must tell you how extremely grateful I am for your book on myotonic dystrophy. It is such a gold mine of useful information while providing much needed reassurance that someone out there truly understands what caretaking of one or more family members with this illness is really like. 


Lois Oppenheim, PhD

Montclair State University

New York Psychoanalytic Society & Institute 


Your so helpful postings on FB sent me rushing to sign up for your caring-for-yourself information for caregivers which sent me rushing to your website which sent me rushing to buy your book!  And what a resource it is!   I thought I had read everything on DM that’s out there, yet there was more here than I could have imagined. A terrific resource! 

Lois Oppenheim, PhD

Montclair State University

New York Psychoanalytic Society & Institute 


Feb 6, 2022

As a professor of Medical Humanities, I feel certain that students in such programs, and in social science and medical programs as well, will gain from your book a deeper and more authentic meaning of “empathy.” Your courage as a caretaker and that of your five family members who cope with this complex multi-systemic illness is truly remarkable. 

Lois Oppenheim, PhD

Montclair State University

New York Psychoanalytic Society & Institute 



The book was helpful to me in several ways: I learned a lot more about DM and found additional references but also learned it was ok to feel what I was feeling… Complicated family situations which stimulates complicated responses. The book made me see that others are coping with those too… If you aren’t dealing with this as a patient or caregiver, you can’t get it. And Ann puts it front and center. It’s a book one will return to after reading it, and not only once.

Lois Oppenheim, PhD

Montclair State University

New York Psychoanalytic Society & Institute 

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