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Laziness by Myotonic Dystrophy Expert Ann S Woodbury

While talking to a fellow Myotonic Dystrophy (DM) community member, we were discussing what appears to be laziness in her son. He has a couple of tasks around the house, such as getting the mail, that he is more than happy to do but he just doesn’t do it, unless he is reminded. She patiently reminds him but she was concerned that she was enabling him.

There is a difference between enabling and empowering. Remember that enabling is doing something for someone that they can do for themselves. Empowering is about doing something for someone that might be hard for them to do but when we help they will then be empowered to be more functional and independent.

Most of my family members are like this fellow community member’s son. Even things that are important for their self-care like a new medication or doing their exercises that Physical Therapy has given them do not get done unless I or their caregiver reminds them.

When I have to remind my loved one, if I make it mean something like they don’t care or they are lazy then I get frustrated with them and either chastise them or even give up on them. But if I can remember why I need to remind them, then I am more patient with them.